Our activities


Guide services for trips and tours:

  • We are available for half-day and full-day excursions all over Sardinia to help you discover and learn by firsthand experience everything concerning the characteristic aspects of this island: its nature and landscapes, history and archeology, ethnography, food and wine

  • We also offer guided tours throughout Sardinia to explore its astonishing sights from north to south and from east to west. If you are interested in a full-immersion experience that will make you acquainted with the best this island has to offer, we suggest that you spend seven nights in at least three different hotels to appreciate the wealth of attractions available.

  • The ‘North of Sardinia Tour’ is a quick but thorough way to discover the most famous sites in Sardinia: in 4-5 days, from Alghero to Castelsardo and Tempio, from Costa Smeralda to breathtaking Maddalena Archipelago, you will visit quaint villages, superb historic sites, stunning coastal attractions and impressive natural landscapes.


Visits to monuments and museums:

  • We are available for walking tours through the medieval old towns of Sardinia: Alghero, Sassari, Castelsardo, Bosa, Cagliari, Nuoro, Oristano, La Maddalena, Sant’Antioco, and Tempio.

  • We also offer visits to museums and the most representative archaeological sites: the National Museums in Sassari and Cagliari, the awesome prehistoric fortress of Nuraghe Sant’Antine in Torralba, the incredible Phoenician and Roman ruins in the abandoned towns of Tharros and Nora, the amazing ‘houses of fairies’ of Sant’Andrea Priu and Anghelu Ruju, the astonishing prehistoric temple of Santa Cristina and the nearby nuraghe Losa, the majestic ‘giants‘ tomb’ of Coddu Ecciu …and a lot more on this gorgeous island!


Active Tourism:

  • Hiking of short or long duration (3/6 hours) both on the coast and across the mountains. An unforgettable experience between the blue of the sea and the green of the hills!

  • Cycling trips and tours (about 40 km per day) on coastal and inland roads away from traffic.


Services transfer and assistance in harbours and airports:

  • Reception and assistance in harbours and airports.

  • Service transfer from and to harbours and airports.


Management and counseling:

  • Management and coordination for your guide services all over Sardinia.

  • Counselling regarding tour planning in Sardinia, excursions and personalized itineraries.



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