Tours and classical Itineraries


  • Alghero and Bosa

Alghero: a quaint Catalan town whose medieval charm has been preserved through the centuries. Together we will explore its narrow streets with its abundance of traditional craft workshops and local coral boutiques.

  • Alghero port
  • Alghero palazzo D'Albis
  • Alghero the Ramparts


Following a fascinating panoramic road along the coastline, we will reach Bosa: a picturesque historic town, dominated by the medieval Serravalle Castle. Nowadays, Bosa is considered as one of the most beautiful little towns in Italy, with its richly coloured facades and its walking routes along the Temo river.

  • Bosa Street
  • Bosa Castle Serravalle
  • Bosa Temo River


  • Castelsardo and Tempio

Placed on a promontory of red trachyte overlooking the blue Mediterranean sea, Castelsardo is the only Sardinian town whose surrounding medieval wall is still intact.

  • Casterlsardo Walls
  • Castelsardo Castle
  • Castelsardo Cathedral S. Antonio Abate


Crossing the granite rocks of Gallura, we will arrive to Tempio, a town at the foot of Limbara Mountain. Tempio is known for its traditional processing of cork. Among its various products is Suberis, a special cork fabric used to make high fashion clothes.

  • Castelsardo Rock Elephant
  • Tempio Cathedral of San Pietro
  • Tempio Suberis fabric objects


  • Stintino

A typical little village founded by fishermen for tuna fishing activities, Stintino is famous for its beautiful beach, La Pelosa, opposite the Asinara island, which is the site of a beautiful marine park home to various endemic species.

  • Stintino Port
  • Stintino La Pelosa beach
  • Stintino Tower La Pelosa


  • Cagliari

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is a beautiful historic town of Carthaginian and, later, Roman origin. It is located on the southern coast, on the Golfo degli Angeli (Angels’ Gulf), with its interesting medieval neighborhoods: Castello, Marina, Stampace and Villanova.

  • Cagliari Beach the Poetto
  • Cagliari Bastion of San Remy
  • Cagliari Street Manno


  • Costa Smeralda and Arzachena archeological sites.

Costa Smeralda is the most famous coastal area of Sardinia. It is frequented by the jet set and is well known for its amazing bays, sand coves, crystal-clear seawater, and granitic rocks carved by the wind. About ten minutes from Costa Smeralda, we can visit the magical Coddu Ecchiu giants’ tomb that dates back to the 16th century BC. This prehistoric building is an example of the typically Nuragic collective tomb, characterized by a carved stele and a burial chamber.

  • Costa Smeralda Baia Sardinia the beach
  • Costa Smeralda - Portocervo
  • Arzachena - Tomb of the Giant Coddu Ecchiu



  • Maddalena Archipelago and Capo d’Orso

It is an enchanting National Park, with many islands and islets. One of the most important is Caprera, where the greatest Italian hero, Giuseppe Garibaldi, lived the last 27 years of his life and is buried.

  • Island of Caprera Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Arcipelago La Maddalena - Port Madonna
  • Archipelago La Maddalena - Head of the Cala Corsara witch


  • Through Nuraghi and Romanesque churches.

The Nuraghe Santu Antine (15th century BC) is one of the best preserved nuraghi of Sardinia, prehistoric buildings in the shape of towers, with corridors, spiral staircases and corbel-vaulted chambers. The Nuraghic Civilization of Sardinia is part of UNESCO world heritage.

  • Nuraghe Santu Antine
  • Nuraghe Santu Antine - Courtyard
  • Nuraghe Santu Antine - Corridor 2

The Saccargia church in the Romanesque style with its magnificent 12th-century frescoes.

  • Basilica of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia
  • Basilica of Saccargia - Capital
  • Basilica of Saccargia - Frescoes


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Who we are


There is a continent in the middle of the Mediterranean...
Sardinia! Discover, live and love it with us!!


Chi siamo - Professionalità



Our team of expert guides has a deep knowledge of the geography, history, local traditions and culture of Sardinia.
We take care of our tourist groups from the moment of their arrival to their departure. With us you will experience the famous Sardinian hospitality and share our passion for discovering enchanting places and timeless traditions.



We are at the forefront of the tour guide business in Sardinia to provide the best service to groups or individuals so that they can enjoy their experience of discovering our land through exciting tours:
• from quaint Alghero, in the northwest coast, to vibrant Cagliari, the Sardinian capital in the south;
• from the picturesque islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro, in the southwest, to the lovely Maddalena archipelago, in the northeast;
• from the glamorous Costa Smeralda to the numerous secluded coves and sweeping beaches through pristine mountainous inland landscape rich in endemic flora.


Chi siamo - Consulenza


Our long experience as tour guides and rich knowledge of Sardinia are available all year round should you need to consult us when planning your trip. At your request, we can also organize tailor-made journeys through endless combinations of itineraries, excursions and tours that will take you from the most elegant and dazzling locations to the most remote and stunning local attractions. Let us take care of your travel and touring needs to experience Sardinia at its best.



Discerning travelers are cognitively, emotionally and relationally enriched by their travel experiences in Sardinia.
As a team of expert tour guides we keep abreast with developments and promote innovation to cater for new demands from travelers, fostering new ways to experience the natural environment while taking care to preserve it, and raising awareness of the cultural wealth surrounding us.



Our tour guides are enrolled in the Tourist Guides Official Register of Sardinia and, as a team, we offer our service in these languages:

  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish


The following tour guides belong to our group:

Cidalia Romao German French English Portuguese Italian
Heike Hüttenrauch German French English Italian
Sophie Vannucchi French German English Italian
Simona Vodret French Spanish Italian
Angela Artissunch German Italian
Marcella Pirisi German Italian
Marlene Columbano German Italian
Veronica Rickert German Italian
Francesco Piras English Italian
Antonella Succu Italian English
Anna Maria Murru Italian
Maria Domenica Meloni Italian

Chi siamo - Elenco guide


We also cooperate with a wide network of providers of tourism services to satisfy all requests.





  • Logo La Rotta dei Fenici
    Collaboratori della Rotta dei Fenici
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Our rates 2017/2018 [da tradurre]



Servizi singoli di mezza giornata (fino ad un massimo di tre ore)

   In accompagnamento da 1 a 20 persone  € 130,00
   Per ogni persona in più € 3,00
   Per ogni ora straordinaria oltre le tre ore € 25,00

Servizi singoli di giornata intera (fino ad un massimo di sette ore)

   Fino a 50 pax € 210,00
   Per ogni ora straordinaria oltre le sette ore € 25,00

Servizi singoli per navi da crociera (max 50 pax)

   Forfait mezza giornata (max 4 h) € 160,00
   Forfait giornata intera (max 7 ore) € 210,00
   Forfait lingua aggiuntiva mezza giornata € 50,00
   Forfait lingua aggiuntiva intera giornata € 80,00
   Ora aggiuntiva oltre le sopra indicate € 25,00

Servizi Continuativi in Tour di Sardegna (con una durata oltre i tre giorni)

   Giornata intera
€ 210,00

Assistenza in aeroporto:
   Mezza giornata (fino a tre ore) € 130,00
   Giornata intera (fino a sei ore) € 160,00

Transfer (apt/porto-hotel o vice versa):
   Per singolo transfer € 130,00

Servizi outgoing:
   Al giorno € 150,00

Condizioni Generali:

  • Quando il servizio supera le sei ore, il supplemento è di € 25,00 per ciascuna ora aggiuntiva;
  • Per servizio multilingue (escluso navi da crociera) il supplemento sarà di € 25 per ogni ora/lingua in più;
  • Le spese di trasferimento, vitto e alloggio fuori sede sono a totale carico del committente del servizio;
  • La giornata lavorativa inizia non prima delle ore 07:00. In assenza di collegamenti utili che consentano alla guida di accogliere il gruppo all’ora di arrivo prevista, le eventuali spese di trasferimento, vitto e alloggio relative alla sera precedente l’arrivo del gruppo, sono a totale carico del committente del servizio;
  • La giornata lavorativa finisce entro le ore 19.00. Per il servizio reso oltre tale orario, viene applicato un supplemento forfettario sulla tariffa base giornaliera pari a € 50,00;
  • I compensi indicati sono da intendersi al lordo della ritenuta d’acconto e, in base al regime fiscale della singola guida, al netto dell’Iva, della rivalsa INPS (aliquota pari al 4% del compenso lordo dovuto) e di eventuali marche da bollo da applicare alla fattura stessa a norma di legge;
  • Per i servizi continuativi in Tour annullati dal committente entro 7 giorni dall'inizio del servizio, nonché per i servizi singoli annullati entro le 24 ore precedenti, dovrà essere corrisposta un'indennità di mancato guadagno pari al 50% dell'importo dovuto calcolato sulla tariffa base;
  • Le Guide Turistiche aderenti all’Associazione Regionale Guide Turistiche Sardegna sono strettamente vincolate al rispetto dei minimi tariffari concordati.

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