Bread only found in Sardinia:  Pane Carasau

The wafer-thin, crispy flatbread made from durum wheat is not missing on any table. Originally from Barbagia, its long shelf life made it the ideal food for shepherds on their long treks with their herds.

Today, it is still made the traditional way in a wood-fired oven – it is interesting to see how they do it.

As in many agrarian cultures, bread was also considered sacred. For all church festivities, special bread was artfully made.

Today, few women still do it and in the Bread Museum you will be surprised by the immense variety, the perfect elaboration of the various symbols and the mystical aura of these artworks of bread.

Durum wheat also plays a role in the countless sweet pastries, the dolci. Almonds, honey, orange peel and chocolate make them very special.

Join us in shaping the fun little plaits, the acciuleddi, which are then twisted in honey.

The same basic dough is also used to create the typical pasta of Sardinia. While making pasta, try rolling the Malloreddus over your thumb or closing the bulbous Culurgiones with your fingernails – every part is handmade!